Free Network Assessment

If you’re without technical support, or, you’re not entirely satisfied with your current provider, please give us a call and we’ll schedule time for your FREE NETWORK ASSESSMENT.  We would like the opportunity to EARN your business.

When determining your needs, we’ll look closely at your industry, your core business and your goals. After comparing these to your current infrastructure, equipment, network and applications, we’ll outline a plan that addresses all your needs.

We’ll detail any immediate concerns along with a path to make your company more efficient, effective, and protected. We can estimate hardware, software, and labor while balancing these against a timeline that suits your company’s growth and budget.



“During tax season, it’s critical for my business to minimize downtime. AMB Computer Services keeps my network running and secure 24/7.

With data backups and disaster recovery procedures in place, I know I’ll always meet my April 15th deadline.”

DePonceau & Associates
Certified Public Accountant
David DePonceau, CPA

(925) 362-1350


Support Services

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Hardware and Software Security
  • Wired and Wireless Networking
  • Onsite and Remote Troubleshooting

Data Management

  • Email and Scheduling
  • Mobile Devices and Remote Access
  • Centralized Data Storage
  • Shared File and Printer Access
  • Data Backup and Recovery

Our Clients

  • General Dentists and Specialists
  • Accountants and Bookkeepers
  • Contractors and Engineers
  • Lawyers and Court Reporters
  • Realtors and Loan Companies
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