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AMB Computer Services | Preventive MaintenanceA computer is not much different than a car; they are both complex machines that need regular maintenance to run optimally. Here’s a question for you: Why do you need maintenance on your car?

Most of us keep our cars maintained because we don’t want to worry about it starting each day. We don’t want to lose a day of work when it doesn’t start, and it’s always cheaper to maintain it than to pay a large repair bill.

Be proactive instead of reactive. Save yourself time, money and frustration. Ask yourself, is your time better spent trying to maintain your own network or is it better spent finding your next large client?

10 Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Program:

Do you consistently audit and test both your local and offsite backups?
We ensure your data will be safe from hardware failures, malware, natural disasters and more.
Are you losing money when computers go down?
The business world isn’t something we can pause when a computer crashes.
Are you paying employees to wait on slow and unresponsive computers?
Employees can lose an hour a day waiting on slow computers and rebooting them.

How are you perceived by your clients when you don’t deliver on time?
Companies can appear unprofessional, disorganized, or unqualified when they can’t deliver.

Are employees frustrated by the lack of support they receive?
Employees are often our biggest fans; they love us for making their jobs easier.
Do you need to stay current with or even ahead of your competition?
Staying current in your field helps you keep existing clients and gain new ones.
Would you like to avoid the chaos of finding timely support when needed?
Clients with a Support and Maintenance Agreement are always first priority.
Would you like to save 20-25% on all of your support?
Our maintenance clients receive discounts on all fixed rate and hourly services.
Do you implement new solutions as threats change?
Technology and security solutions change regularly, we keep you current.
Is someone maintaining a list of your web accounts, email accounts, licenses and more?
We create and maintain all documentation for you and provide you with updated copies.

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