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“We love the continued advice and support we receive from AMB Computer Services. They are always on top of the latest solutions which improve our processes thereby improving our business while saving us money. We’d be lost without them.”

Christine Kaplan
Kaplan Enterprise
(925) 837-5551

“I had to upgrade my entire office due to the “retirement” of Windows XP. I received several estimates and ultimately chose AMB Computer Services. They didn’t use scare tactics and their pricing was competitive. They outlined a plan and even saved us money on our backups. The replacement of our computers along with the upgrade of our programs went flawlessly. They’re very responsive to our needs and the owner is a pleasure to work with.”

Melanie Koehler, DDS
(925) 820-1044

AMB Computer Services performed a free network assessment and identified multiple vulnerabilities which they immediately addressed. They implemented cost-saving solutions that saved my employees time and allowed us to focus on our clients. We rely on AMB to keep our technology current.”

Holly DeVito
Sum of All Numbers
(888) 564-5777

“We have an extensive network that includes 20 computers along with intra-oral cameras, a Pan/Ceph digital xray machine, a networked CEREC system, and a centralized server. We have multilevel security, centralized file sharing, local and offsite backups. When AMB Computers reviewed our network, they immediately identified and implemented improvements to both our security and backups. They now maintain our network and they provide a high level of support needed by our company. They have our recommendation.”

Dr. Jeff Bueno and Dr. Tom Sellick

AMB Computers was brought on board to replace computers and implement a centralized file server. They made our backup system more reliable by configuring offsite backups that are automated and secure. When we recently relocated our office, they coordinated all the hardware and connection needs, and made sure that we hit the ground running. They’ve been great.”

Audrey Horning, CPA
(925) 243-1040

“Our server recently experienced a hardware failure that couldn’t have been prevented. AMB Computer Services responded quickly to setup a temporary server so that we were up and running the same day. And thanks to them, we had full backups and they were able to restore every bit data – absolutely nothing was lost. Their response time, service, and proficiency has been outstanding.”

Dr. Guri Dhaliwal
(925) 244-9770

“Our business works with a lot of deadlines and that’s hard to do when your computers don’t work. We brought in AMB Computer Services because they’re local and we’ve been impressed with how responsive they are. They’ve recommended solutions that have made our network more reliable while also simplifying our environment. It’s been a very positive experience.”

Mustang Soccer
Erin Glass
(925) 648-4121

“Since buying my practice, AMB Computers has managed my network and I have one less thing to worry about. They take care of our backups, software updates, backups, and security. They’ve upgraded our network equipment to improve reliability and performance – not to mention our migration from an older practice management program to a new one that fits our needs. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and my staff appreciates their great communication.”

Dr. Rashpal Deol

“As our company has grown, AMB Computer has been with us every step of the way. They centralized our files, networked our printers, and they manage both local and offsite backups. They’re able to make recommendations and provide the timely support needed to help our business succeed.”

Aqua Gunite Inc.
Maria Garia
(925) 960-9075

“When I hired AMB Computer Services, my office didn’t have a network – just a single computer. They’ve helped us grow and we now have a server, OP computers, reception computers, and a wireless network. We’ve had very few problems but when they happen, AMB Computers is always available. They’re able to fix most problems remotely and they’re quick whenever we need onsite support. They’re very responsive.”

Ron Wake
(925) 283-0280

“We’ve been working with AMB Computer Services for years. They support both our corporate office and our field staff. They take care of everything from hardware upgrade, software updates, security and backups. They keep things running smoothly.”

Buck O’Neill Builders
Buck O’Neill
(415) 695-8700

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